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"Our experience with Schitz & Dribbles is the perfect combination of professionalism and caring. I feel absolutely comfortable leaving my dogs with Schitz and Dribbles."

- Russell H

Reston, VA


"My dogs adore Steve! They have two different personalities (and ages) and he has bonded wonderfully with both of them. They go into a special kind of excited whine when they see his car pull up. He is totally dependable and professional and is always willing to work with my ever changing schedule. Thank you, Steve!"

- Sharon K

Herndon, VA


"Steve is amazing with both of my rescue dogs who had trust issues. He took the time to bond with them and they adore him! Sit there in the window waiting for him at the same time each day :) Steve is totally reliable and responsible. I wouldn't trust my kids with anybody else!"

- Laurie B

Great Falls, VA

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